About the Artist

One could say that my tapestries are paintings done in yarn, though I believe they are experienced in a much more alive and luminous form than painting. The mulititude of colors and textures of yarn used lends itself beautifully to portraying landscapes. The irregular quality of the hand-spun linen (sometimes almost un-spun linen) offers the special effect of grasses in the fields or waves on the sea. The wool overlay echoes the texture of the clouds. Strands of glossy embroidery thread imply highlights.

The many points of color combine differently when viewed from up-close than they do from afar. At close range they are percieved as textile design. Standing back one senses light, space and distance.

Tapestry weaving is like translating from one language to another. In order to make this translation from my source of inspiration, I do a drawing directly from nature first. Sometimes I use my own photographs as a preliminary step. A synthesis occurs during this process which results in the finished tapestry.